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San Francisco activist Christopher Kalman has little to show for years spent organizing non-violent marches, speak-outs, blockades, and shutdowns for social and environmental justice. When a shadowy eco-saboteur proposes an attack on genetically engineered agriculture, Christopher is ripe to be drawn into a more dangerous game. His certainty that humankind stands on the brink of ecological ruin drives Christopher to reckless acts and rash alliances, pitting grave personal risk against conscientious passion.

I couldn’t put Consequence down! Masover … asks thorny, essential questions about personal responsibility and the role of violence in movements for social change.
– Sam Green, Academy Award-nominated director of The Weather Underground

“Here is a carefully crafted book about the necessity, and danger, of taking personal action in the 21st century.  Steve Masover’s characters ooze humanity. … The villain of Consequence happens to be genetic engineering but it could have been any current social or environmental issue. The premise, absolutely believable today, is that life on the planet is threatened and that battle waged by this novel’s characters will make a difference. … This is a human story shot in the ass with ideas.”
— Doug Peacock, author of In the Shadow of the Sabertooth and real-life model for Edward Abbey’s George Washington Hayduke in The Monkey Wrench Gang

Consequence is a great read, full of building tension and excitement … Masover writes about conflicts central to the human situation.
– Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing